Seven billion people...That's how many people they estimated to be in the world.

And you can't find one! Not one!!!

I am just kidding gorgeous. I get it. I completely understand!

I understand what it's like to feel like there are just NO clients out there for you.
Usually this followed by a cry, curling up on the sofa or a day lost on Pinterest!

Believe me, I have done all of these and more!

It sucks to see your facebook posts get crickets or your newsletter/blog get 0 click-throughs.


If you are like I was, you are thinking: What am I doing wrong? I'm doing everything the experts say to do. I'm posting and Instagraming and sending my newsletter out every week! What does it take to find paying clients!!!

That is why I created this program focused on helping you to find your paying clients and make more money.

This program is focused on finding YOU paying clients.

PLUS getting clear on why the things you are doing are not working for you.

Through the Coaching we will Work on:

- connecting with more potential clients
- discovery/clarity calls (what to actually say during your call)
- sales
- the money conversation (what to say when they say "I don't have any money")
- your money mindset
- your money blocks and limiting beliefs (the thoughts that are sabotaging you)

This really is all about you and your new clients!

I am committed to helping you find 3 or 5 or 10 people out of the 7 Billion!

 Click here to learn more about finding your new clients.

Much love,

Lauren xx