Simple question. Yes? No?
Do you feel sexy, stunning, LUSCIOUS?  Do you truly believe you are Magnificent?  Or...Do you feel like you are just not enough?

Not sexy enough? Not beautiful enough?
Not magnificent? Not woman enough?
Not soft enough? Not strong enough?

Just not ever GOOD ENOUGH?


Have you explored those feelings?
And what did you find?

Were told off for being a girl, female, woman?

Did your parents want you to be a boy?

Were you told to cover up your body?

Were you told to settle down, calm down, shuuussssshhhhh down.


They told you to focus on what really matters - like school, university, grades, studying, and being a GOOD person.

They told you that you were a woman and therefore you were not to ENJOY SEX like men.

And they you could not ENJOY and EMBRACE and LOVE your BODY.


💎💎💎You have had the GODDESS programmed OUT OF YOU💎💎💎

You have had the sexy, stunning, magnificent, beautiful, delicious feminine conditioned and suppressed out of you.

The delicious essence of you, smushed down.


How dare you -


And have BREASTS and a BUSINESS.

And…how dare you...


And...ORGASMS and how dare you expect SOUL-SOARING SEX.

Don’t you even think about LOVING and EMBRACING your BODY.

And…Listen up woman -

You CAN’T be SEXY AND be someone that INSPIRES and UPLIFTS the world!


Lauren Raso

I know you. I feel you. I feel it emanating from you.

The pain. The sadness. The hurt from those around you, parents, lovers, and

And…of course…from YOU.

Because no one HURTS you, more than you do.


Yes, Goddess, I know. I know you.

And it’s time.

Time to re-connect, to forgive, to embrace, to appreciate and to SHINE.

You know this is what you are here for.

To finally break free from the rules, the conditioning, other people’s beliefs that are HOLDING YOU BACK and SQUASHING YOUR LIFE and your DREAMS.

If you don't act now, when will you?

If you put it off again, when will you ever break free and truly get to be the woman you desire to be?

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