“Let’s talk about Depression, baby
Let’s talk about the Dark and Me.
Let’s talk about all the Bad things,
And all the Despair things that may be…”

Soooo, usually, I prefer to talk about Sex...just like Salt N’ Pepa! 😜

But right now, I want to talk to YOU about depression. About DESPAIR.
And about what it feels like to be sinking into the DARK.

Because...I know it. I have been there. And I want you to KNOW that I know YOU, I know how feel YOU.

And…today I feel thankful, blessed, graceful and peaceful.

So, today - I want to be a LIGHT for your DARK.

I have experienced depression on and off since my mid 20’s. I can’t really define a moment when it began, there was definitely anxiety for years before and panic too.

I know it’s kinda taboo for some, which I just don’t understand, when there is WISDOM to share and EXPERIENCE to share and LIGHT TO SHARE.

And so now I will share, and I hope you will read to the end 🙏🏽


You feel like you are IN that scene in the “Never Ending Story”, where the horse Artax, is sinking in the aptly named “Swamp of Sadness.”

It’s slow and languid and PAINFUL and totally fucked all at once.

(Which as a kid, I loved that movie, but I also found it fucking disturbing and traumatic!
And just now in my quick little Google discovered that it has been labelled as a Psychological Horror movie, so yeah no wonder!)


You are rolling around in the middle of the powerful, dark, grey ocean, in the dark of the night.
And...there is no land ANYWHERE.


You are trapped by your own mind and your own emotions.

You wonder and FEAR if you will ever BREAK FREE of your own fucking ingrained NEURAL PATHWAYS, because that is what they have become by now.


For a multi-passionate creator, visionary who is giving their ALL to their dreams, it feels like your dreams are breaking your own heart.


Your soul is dying.

Yep...Pretty much.

Do you know what I mean?

And, have you like me, ever felt like this?

Because, if you have you are not alone. And if you are in the midst of it, or a moment, or a period I say to you, beautiful -

Today - let me be a LIGHT for your DARK.

For you to HOLD ON to. Or to just be HERE for you, knowing IT ALL and knowing the magnificence and preciousness of you.

Lauren Raso depression

I have come to understand - that for those who DO NOT or HAVE NOT experienced that DEEP, DARK DESPAIR and HOPELESSNESS…

That, with all respect and love to them...they just don’t get it. They fundamentally do not understand it, or understand all.
I have witnessed 2 people very close to me, who just COULD NOT for the life of them connect, understand or have ANY ability to empathise...really..truly...honestly, with what I was experiencing.

And, in the midst of the heart-breaking despair, I also could witness and know within, that they did not understand…

Which always leaves you, in the depths of alone-ness, feeling even more ALONE.

Alone in your ALONE-NESS (Not to be confused with loneliness, which is a totally different feeling and experience).

But, you are not alone. I know you sometimes feel like you’re sinking, like you are being buffereted around by the tremendous grey ocean, like your dreams are breaking your heart and like you soul is dying…

Oh beautiful...I know.


I know you have the strength to keep going.

You are the courage to rise up through this.

You have the power to transform your mind and your life.

I promise 🙏🏽

So, today, or tomorrow, or whenever you need - let me be a LIGHT for your DARK.

Let me remind you that you are never alone...


Let me show you the beauty and strength and light that is always WITHIN you.


All my LOVE and LIGHT,

Lauren xx