Today I am sharing a Client Success!

My awesome client Cassie, signed up for my Private 1:1 Coaching Program.

We only had our First Coaching Session last week, and already she is getting results!


Cassie booked 3 Discovery Calls within 2 days of our first coaching session!!!

Not a week. Not 5 days...But within 2 days!

Big props to Cassie for taking what she learned in our coaching and putting it into action.

This kind of success is possible for ANYONE!


Being able to book people in for "discovery sessions", "strategy sessions" "clarity session" or "initial consultations" is the first step to getting new clients and making more money in your business.

This is the same for coaches, practitioners, graphic designers, and in-person providers like hair stylists or makeup artists.


Learning how to book a Discovery Call or Clarity Session with a Potential Client is the essential to getting new clients and making more money.


Some entrepreneurs find themselves having only 2 or 3 discovery calls a month!

If this is you, please don't worry, you can have success like Cassie too!

Booking calls and sessions with potential clients and customers really is simple and easy to learn.

The first part is connecting with your ideal client in a meaningful way and then having them reach out to you and then booking in for a call with you.

Cassie has only learned one way to book Discovery calls- it was only our first session, and I still have a tonne to share with her, but already she has had success and booked people in!

If you would love to learn how to book more discovery calls, clarity calls or strategy sessions hit REPLY and send me an email today.

Much love,
Lauren xx


P.S. Cassie signed up to the Wealth Evolution Program for 1:1 Coaching Support and Step-by-Step Guidance to help her Create 5 Figure Months in her Business.

Do you want to create 5 Figure Months and attract more Ideal Clients in your Business too?

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