You wanted a Rich, Full and Overflowing Life.
A life full of Freedom and Ease.


You wanted life overflowing.

This is your birthright.
You deserve it.
You deserve to feel full and rich and overflowing and free.

So where is it?

Why are things


This is not what you signed up for. This is not what you wanted.

Why does it all feel so overwhelming?
Why is life pulling you this way and that way?
Why is it draining you, not uplifting you?

You know you want more.


I am taking a stand.
A stand for you. A stand for her. A stand for every woman.

For every woman that wants a Rich and Full Life.


Because this is your birthright. And somewhere in all the entrepreneurial growth and personal development expansion, we forgot.

We forgot that it is meant to FEEL like ease and fun and rich and full TOO!

Is this you?

Yes you want clients.
Yes you want sales and money
Yes you want a lover or love.


You want more, and that is OK.
Actually, it's more than OK.
It's perfect.


I’ve had clients. I’ve had sales and money. I’d had lovers and love.

And I can tell you honey, life is not about just signing up any client and it’s not about hitting a certain numbers or getting any money in the bank or lover in your bed.

Not for YOU.

You DESIRE more. And you DESERVE more.

It’s time to take a stand for your Richer, Fuller, Blossoming, Thriving, Overflowing Life…

Wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe you are just starting out, or you are just getting by and all you want is a client, any client!
If so, go for it. Get the sale. Get the lover. Get the money.
Do it baby!

This is NOT for you.

This is for the WOMAN who WANTS MORE.

This is for the woman who wants - RICHER, DEEPER, FREER, EASIER, FULLER.

That’s what you really want.
And why wouldn’t you?

It’s what you came here for. It's what you know deep in your soul that you desire...that you deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Why are you settling for less? Why are you tolerating anything but this?


Sure I get it. Been there done that. Got the ugly T-shirt.
I can tell doesn't fit.

You can tell yourself it's OK.
You can tell yourself it's GOOD ENOUGH.
You can tell yourself that you are GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE....

...and you mean it.

You ARE so grateful for everything you have....

But that doesn't stop your spirit from WANTING MORE.

And that is where you get STUCK.
Because you will always want more, desire more.

And you have a choice.

You can be OK with good enough, with what you have, with any client or the sale.


You can take a stand....

For YOUR Richer, Fuller, Blossoming, Thriving, Overflowing Life…

You DESIRE more, and you DESERVE more.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Lauren xx

Are you ready for YOUR Richer, Fuller, Blossoming, Thriving, Overflowing, Luscious Life?

The one you really came here to experience.
The one you know is your birthright.

The one that you are blocking, sabotaging and resisting.

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