I used to be a big complainer. It was something that I did, every week. At times in my life, I'm sure I complained every day. I would complain about all sorts of things:

  • the weather
  • my financial situation
  • my business situation
  • loved ones who were annoying/frustrating me
  • tasks, duties I had to do
  • the weather!
  • not having enough money
  • not having enough clients

You get the picture right!

Complaining is one of the worst things you can do for your life, your business, your wealth creation and creating a brilliant life.

Today, I am going to share with you why you must quit complaining!


Complaining keeps your focus on things or situations that most likely you desire for yourself, or your life. In general we complain about things we don't like the experience of.  Maybe this thing/situation brings you stress, pain, uneasiness, drama, a feeling of being uncomfortable or unhappy.

We are all seeking happiness. Deep down, that is the driven in all humans. And we have become very good at noticing and complaining about things that don't make us happy (e.g no money, bad weather, annoying people).


Complaining holds your attention on that experience, which is most likely an unwanted experience. However by holding your attention on this, you are simultaneously attracting more of the same negative things into your life.


You are keeping yourself in a negativity low vibration.  And this low level, attracts more low vibrational experiences, people, things into your experience. We have all had that experience when something goes crappy or not as you desired and you focus and complain about it, and then another two or three crappy things happen!

Yep, not a coincidence!

Additionally, when you are in the act of complaining, this keeps you out of the present moment. The problem here, is this only moment that matters, and it is the only moment you can do anything in. 

When you are complaining you are automatically slipping into the past (most commonly) which is already been and gone, and this takes you out of the game!


Complaining is impacting your money making, your business or professional success, your wealth creation, and your ability to create your dream life.

Make a commitment to yourself today to begin to cut out complaining as much as possible.  It may take time, it may be a behaviour you have practiced for years or decades, so be kind to yourself and know that over time you will get better and better at living a life complaint-free!


Much love, 

Lauren xx