Your bliss will fill you up, it will overflow from you, it will feel glorious and –

It will feel GRACEFUL.

Grace....Grace is so overlooked. Forgotten about.
Lost in the sea of chasing, seeking, searching, growing, bettering and in developing.

You go after your goals, you go after your growth, your transformation, your betterment and development – and it is worthy and valuable to do this.
That's part of the reason we are here - growth, expansion.

You lose sight of it

You miss it all together.

You miss the truth of GRACE.

And of what that BRINGS to YOU and to LIFE.

Once you experience true grace, you can’t go back.
It’s one of those life changing experiences.

You can’t UNDO experiencing true grace.

If you do go “backwards” or start to live without grace or in an un-graceful way, it feels, well…off.


It feels not as “yummy” and not as fulfilling.

When you come into alignment with your bliss, you will feel a sense of grace.

You will feel a deep, deep profound sense of grace.
Unlike any other feeling you have ever had.

The grace you feel, will make you feel like well, you have been UN-GRACEFUL for big chunks of your life, maybe even your entire life.

My grace, made me realize how UN-GRACEFUL I had been for much of my life.

It showed me how I had been going about life, going around in life, being angry, mad, resentful, blaming, complaining, annoying, bitching, nagging.

My experience of GRACE, made me AWARE of the times when I HAD been happy, nice and friendly, lovely,


that this was still WAS NOT being in a state of grace.

My grace showed me, how I really wanted to feel.

It showed me a whole new level of being, that was so far beyond being “nice” or a “nice” person.

My grace opened my eyes up to what being a truly “nice” person really was. It gave me the experience of being truly “nice” and “kind”.

After I experienced GRACE, I became aware of two things –

1. That I had been un-graceful…a lot.
2. That I wanted to live life from a place of grace.

This is what GRACE DOES TO YOU.

It brings to you the AWARENESS of how you CAN BE IN THIS LIFE.

It brings to the SURFACE OF YOU, the truth of what is POSSIBLE for you to FEEL each and every day.

Your grace SHOWS YOU what you are CAPABLE OF.

Your grace SHOWS YOU what you are MEANT FOR.


Lauren xx

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