Are you struggling with an income ceiling? An income ceiling is a limit you consciously or unconsciously put on the amount of money you make.

If you are employed this may be through hourly rates as opposed to being paid for results. If you have your own business, this can be through limiting to 1:1 services or also utilising hourly rates.


Unconsciously we can limit the amount of money through limiting beliefs, fears or other programming.


Many of my clients and women in business, put an unconscious limit on the amount of money they make, for fear of it changing their relationships and friendships.  Some unconsciously create an income ceiling so they don't outshine family members or create disharmony in their family dynamic.

Whether you have your own business or you are employed, breaking through your income ceiling is key to creating more wealth and up-leveling your life. 


If you think your are limiting the amount of money you make, either consciously or unconsciously, then I recommend the following steps:

1. Awareness

Take a good look around your current life and financial experience. Are you making the same amount each month? Are you struggling to break through a sales goal such as $5k or $10k months? Have you been making the same salary for more than one year?

Is it possible you are limiting your income to maintain your current relationship dynamic? Or do you feel you might be limiting yourself to keep your family or siblings "happy"?


2. Acceptance

No one ever breaks through an income ceiling by berating themselves, vilifying themselves or making themselves feel bad.  Up to this point, you have done the best you could with what you knew.

The best way to move forward (including financially) is to accept where you are now.


3. Action

Taking action is key!  Where can you make changes in your income or leverage yourself?

If you are employed, discuss additional bonuses based upon results, or a change in salary + bonus structure that opens you up to making more based upon the results you achieve.

If you service-based business such as a massage therapist or chiropractor and operating on hourly rate, look to create packages instead of one off sessions.

For coaches or online service businesses creating information products, group programs or teleclasses can be the first step to leveraging yourself.

Online product businesses can create product bundles or 12-monthly product packages where the customer receives a new product each month.

To learn more about breaking through your income ceiling click here.

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