Did you pick out that swimwear?πŸ‘™
It goes well with your drama.
Perfect match I see.πŸ˜²πŸ˜‰

A joke yes. But really none of this is a joke.

You are bathing in your drama.
Swimming around in your pain.
Lolling around in your poor me struggles.

And underneath all that...
You are swathed in Shame.😞

And you wonder why you haven’t created the dream biz/life/body/love!?!

Why would clients want to be near that?😧
Why would money want to circulate through that?😱
Why would your cells respond well to that?😲
Why would a partner/man/woman want to engage in that?😷

They wouldn’t.

At some point, you are going to have to full level integrate that -

You can’t be bathing in drama and swathed in shame AND experience / have / get ALL the things and RESULTS you want.

Gawwwwd no!

You’re toxic af 😷 and you don’t even realise.

Maybe you do realise and maybe that is adding more shame. Shame on shame 😞

So you wrap your body and being in shame, and then cloak more shame around that 😞☹️

But all that does is REINFORCE being STUCK in the mental habitual pattern of your drama, pain, struggle, guilt and shame.

You have to become BIGGER than your drama.
You have to BECOME bigger than your struggle.
Your HAVE to become bigger than your shame.


Toxic ways, toxic thoughts, toxic patterns, toxic feelings…...


lauren raso bikini.jpg

So, you can - choose to stay in your drama, pain, struggle, guilt, shame and whatever else you are swimming around (hey nice swimsuit though right πŸ‘™?!?!)...

Or you can -

Choose to learn to rewire your patterning.✨

Learn how to shift from drama, to a more supportive and effective way of doing and LIVING.πŸ’ƒπŸ½

Learn how to neutralise and clear out those toxic feelings and emotions, so you don’t go around wearing your shame, guilt etc as a cloak weighing you down and impacting your results.πŸ”₯

If you want to DO THIS message me about my powerful, dynamic private coaching.