Last week, I touched on why, the reason you are saying you can't do something, is usually the EXACT reason that you must do that thing/ take that step/ take that action.

As a Success and Money Mindset Coach to driven women, this comes up a lot. Just like my clients, you are not willing to let life pass you by without you experiencing the most out of it!


You know you are here to live more, to live bigger and to help/ coach/ teach/ heal/ share with others!

To live a big, rich, full life inherently means taking risks, taking leaps, taking steps and taking action.


It's scary, but necessary.

And there always seems to be a tricky little twist, such as the action you must take in your business, is the ONE thing you are terrified of!

Or the one leap of belief you must take in your personal life, is the ONE thing you are truly nervous and have been putting off.



I still experience this now. The difference is, now I am aware of HOWup-leveling and growth- financial, business or personal- happen.


Success- financial, business, career, relationships, health-  requires action and making a decision.

I absolutely LOVE supporting, mentoring and coaching women, like you, to use these PROVEN pieces to create the wealth, abundance, success and brilliant life you desire.


Making a decision and taking action and getting help and support is the first step to transforming your money situation and your life.

Money Coaching is the perfect step for women who are done with money struggle, with poor results in their business or are done with "never having enough", click here to read about what we cover each month.


Ask yourself these questions...

  • Am I tired of never having enough money?

  • Am I frustrated that you can't seem to make the money I desire and am capable of?

  • Am I sick of buying the cheapest meal?

  • Am I tired of missing out on doing things I want to do?

  • Have I done mindset work, but you're still not making the money you desire?

  • Do I keep making the same amount of money or not breaking through a certain amount?

  • Do I want to charge my worth (do I want to feel worthy and deserving)?

  • Do I feel anxious selling?

  • Do I want to take control of my debt?

  • Do I want to be able to pay all my bills early or on time and without a second thought?

  • Am I sick of my bank account and my life not being as AMAZING as I know it can be?

If you answered YES to any of these, then it's time for you to make a decision...are you going to keep putting up with all this shit?

Or are you going to make a decision and take action to change it all?

Much love,

Lauren xx


P.S. The women that have made a decision and taken action with this program are the women destined for success, because they have used these 2 key Success principles - make a decision and take action.

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