There is so much great research into success being done these days. We know more about the brain, the universe and what the worlds most successful people are doing, than ever before!

Add in the internet, ALL of us has the opportunity to create the wealth, success and lifestyle we truly desire. There truly has never been a time as exciting and opportunistic as now!

But (and it's a big but) along with all of this comes fear, excuses and taking a leap.

In my success and money coaching with driven women, we are working on mindset and business pieces that are holding you back from your dream life and keeping you in money struggle.


And here is the thing...the reason you MOST need help, support and mentoring is the EXACT reason you are saying you CAN'T get help, support or mentoring.


It's such a tricky little twist, and I personally know that sometimes it's difficult to hear this kind of thing, especially if you are struggling or feeling unhappy or disappointed!

It's the same with fear, the fear that comes up when you are considering taking the leap, or taking a risk…that is the EXACT fear you must overcome to up-level your financials, your business, your life!



I remember when I first invested in myself, my business and in coaching.

I was terrified. 

I was telling myself I could build a business by myself, when in fact learning from someone who had done it before and could show me the way, was the EXACT reason I had to do the coaching.

I was telling myself I didn't have the money, when in fact this was scarcity and lack thinking and the EXACT reason I had to invest in myself and learn how to transform my money mindset.

We are all in the habit of making excuses. There is no judgement from me. I did it for much of my life, and I work everyday at not slipping back to old habits.

Where are you making excuses in investing in yourself, your life, your business or your success?


Where are you saying "I can't do it"?

Where are you saying "I can't afford it"?

Take a moment to take note (and absolutely do this with no judgement).

This is usually where you will find the EXACT reason you must take the step, take leap or take the risk.

Much love,

Lauren xx