🌊🌴🌺Today at Bingin Beach 🌺🌴🌊

My first 6 months in Bali, I perceived everything through "Bali Bliss" lenses. πŸ˜

My second 6 months in Bali, I started to perceive through "Bali BS πŸ’©" lenses.πŸ˜•

Bali didn't change. 

A friend shared with me, there is a psychological pattern with Expats, at the 6 month mark.

They start to "miss" things from home, things about the new home country begin to annoy them.

Basically the BLISS glasses come off.

For myself, throw in solo-female, single, developing country, history of trauma & working online... 

You get the picture!

12 months in now and shifting once more back towards PERCEIVING the BEAUTY, the GRACE, the DIVINE in things, people, places.

Ultimately it is OUR perception that defines whether we think something is good or bad, bliss or BS! 

(And all things are good & bad - law of polarity).

We can always shift our perception in an INSTANT.

It's up to you whether you decide to.

And then put it into practice daily.


Much love,