For some time in my past I thought money was bad. I didn’t always think this. It was something I picked up a little later in life.

When I first started casual and part time work I was so excited to have my own money to spend. I bought clothes, jewellery, shoes and magazines. I went to the movies and bought myself lunch with friends. I loved it! I was happy to make money, and I was happy to spend it.

As I entered into my twenties, I began reading about happiness and spirituality. I began to listen to the media and other people around me. I picked up other people's ideas and beliefs and made them my own.


Ideas such as:

Money is not important.

Being wealthy is not a worthy goal.

There is more to life than money.

Wealthy people are arrogant/selfish/bad.

Don’t waste your money.

Don’t spend your money on clothes or magazines.

I took on all these outsides beliefs and rules and made them my own. Even though that had not been my experience of money at all. I had enjoyed making money and enjoyed spending it. I enjoyed working and the money I received in exchange brought me choice, opportunities and experiences.

I stopped buying magazines. I bought fewer clothes. I started holding on to my money. When money got low I tightened up. I got stressed. Sometimes turning into a bitch, and taking out my restricted, tight, scarcity mentality out on people around me.



The truth is money is just a source of energy. It is utilized for the exchange of goods and services.  It is just energy. Like food is for the body.  Money is important. It is an important currency used for transactions in our world. And while you could still find fresh water to drink from rivers and food sources to eat, money makes life easier and better.  It allows us to engage in things like travel, pay for electricity, gas, petrol, Internet and enjoy great meals or experiences with friends. Renowned author Wallace Wattles said,


"The desire for riches is simply the capacity for larger life seeking fulfillment"


Money allows us to provide shelter for our loved ones and feed our family. To expand, grow and learn. To travel the world and experience different cities and cultures. To see the stunning grandness of this spectacular planet.  And to experience more of what life has to offer. Now that can’t be a bad thing after all.