Sloppy, untidy, hasty energy repels what you want.

It dilutes and undermines the actions you are taking in your business and life.

It affects your sales, money, influence and impact.

Clients are repelled. Sales are repelled.

Cash money is repelled. Opportunities are repelled.

Your business, life, prosperity, opportunities, relationships are all impacted.

My work is to keep you, your energy, vibe, emotions, thoughts sleek, silky, clean, tidy and flawless.

So the actions you take in your business are potent, powerful and irresistible.

And bring your goals and results quicker and with more ease.

You know the people that you can’t take your eyes off?!?

Their energy is powerful and potent.

They are sleek and silky.

They have a vibe that you just.can’t.quite.put.your.finger.on…

People, opportunities, prosperity, the world all seem to be magnetically drawn to them.

That is what I do.

I’m an energy stylist - transforming you and your energy to become sleek, silky, magnetic and flawless.

I utilise a unique and comprehensive approach:

Energetic - Core Energetic Signature Level

Belief - Subconscious Programming Mind Level

Thought - Mental Conscious Mind level

Emotion - Sensations, Feelings in the Physical Body Level

Example of how Lack shows up in these different levels of you.

The Energy of Lack manifests as your Core Energetic Signature that emanates from your being of lack..

The Belief of Lack manifests as deep Subconscious Mind programming, that runs your life on autopilot.

The Thought of Lack manifests as negative Conscious Mind thoughts on repeat or constantly running through your mind.

The Emotion of Lack manifests as anxiety, worry, tight chest, constricted body, a feeling of insecurity, a feeling of distress.

To create deep, transformative shifts throughout you entire being, not achieved with standard mindset work, or NLP or using one technique only.

The actions you take, will become more powerful and potent.

Sales will increase.

Clients & customers will flow.

Cash money will multiply.

Your influence will grow.

And, your positive impact will spread around the world.



In one hour, Lauren's questions and style of coaching led to clarity, confidence, peace and empowerment I've not experienced in 7 years. I felt the struggle and frustration leaving and assured action taking it's place.

Denise Metzger Taylor | Founder & Owner | We Get To | USA

The unique combination of science, spirituality and intuition in her approach was incredibly powerful in helping me achieve the results I was seeking but had struggled to find elsewhere.

Financially I have gone from thousands of dollars in debt to a thriving investment portfolio and on my way to financial freedom, physically I am in the best condition of my life and emotionally I am more present, connected and balanced than I have ever been. I feel truly blessed to be working with person an amazing soul and I would encourage anyone seeking to take their life to the next level to work with Lauren.

Luke M | AUS

The work around my wealth consciousness has helped me to realize that my money mindset needs consistent work and Lauren also pointed out all the excuses I was making to stop myself from stepping up to what I truly deserve.  I feel so happy and relieved to at last be free of what's been holding me back.

Claire Baker | Hair Extension Expert | UK


I loved how understanding and patiently determined Lauren was to get to the root of my mind block. And it didn't take long either! The most valuable part of the coaching was the massive breakthrough I made with Lauren's help! By far the best investment I have made in a long time.

Claire McAuliffe | Founder & Coach | AUS

Your approach was refreshing as was your directness i.e. no nonsense, to the point and you kept me honest!

Matt Scrafton | NZ 

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With Lauren Raso

Your sessions will be held the first three weeks of each month, with the last week of each month off.

Sessions are one hour and conducted virtually with Zoom.

Plus, Direct Messenger support from Lauren throughout your entire program.

4 monthly payments $4,000 USD or $14,000 USD Pay in Full